The teeth are subject over time to meet some factors or diseases that may alter the physical characteristics. This is why the conservative orthodontics can restore function and aesthetics of teeth compromised by decay or other events.

Dental discolorations of various kinds can be treated by the dentist with whitening systems that allow even the remineralization of the tooth surface to decrease sensitivity post-treatment.

Etching gel with ortho-phosphoric acid and 2% chlorhexidine digluconate for etching enamel and dentin, to protect the component of collagen and to inhibit the bacterial growth in the dentinal tubules.

2% chlorhexidine Cavity Cleanser formulated for cleansing and rehydrating the cavity prepared for dental fillings with composite resins.



Italmed-linea igiene e profilassi

Closol-2% chlorhexidine, cavity Cleanser


2% chlorhexidine Cavity Cleanser

The product is an aqueous solution with chlorhexidine digluconate 2% formulated to clean and rehydrate the prepared cavities for fillings with composite resins.

The use of the solution is recommended after etching with etching gel. Recent research have shown that chlorhexidine removes the dentinal debris without interacting with the sealing ability of dentin adhesives and helps to eliminate postoperative sensitivities caused by residual bacteria and their endotoxin.

The use of the product for the rehydration of the dry dentin before bonding, allows an higher bonding strength compared with no wetting agents use. The use of the product also reduces the risk of recurrent caries through the removal of bacteria from the surface layer and the post-operative sensitivity.

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The excellent solution for cleaning root canal

A choice based on scientific evidence, IPOCLOR 5 Sodium hypochlorite 5% in active chlorine.

A ready to use solution based on sodium hypochlorite at 5% for the irrigation of root canals during reaming operations.

The high quality of primary packaging made of glass, ensures greater stability of the product over time.

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Moon- Italmed-firenze

MOON 38%

Whitening, remineralizing and desensitizing dental gel

MOON 38% is a gel obtained extemporaneously, by mixing the powder contained in the jar with the HYDROGEN PEROXIDE present in the single dose in order to obtain a "fresh" product that provides greater efficacy and safety of the dental bleaching treatment. The gel is applied directly on the teeth by means of a microapplicator.

The calcium and strontium content in the powder activator, give rise to ion exchange reactions leading to the formation of insoluble salts, calcium (eg, calcium phosphate micronized)

contrasting descaling, blocking the tubules and allowing the remineralization of enamel / dentine (ultimately preventing dentinal sensitivity).

Italmed-moon 38%

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Defendo- Italmed-Firenze


Liquid dam

DEFENDO is a gel that is used to protect the gum and tooth surfaces prior to the operations of bleaching, intraoral and other procedures that require protection. The gel of fluid consistency to ensure an exact positioning of the product and a good sealing of the interproximal spaces.

Thanks to intense blue color, the use is simple and easy to control. Through the dispensing tip (tip flow) to be inserted onto the syringe, Defendo can be applied with pinpoint accuracy even in areas hard to reach. The product does not drip when applied to the surface to be protected, then it is polymerized by curing light.

The product does not become rigid after curing, but is flexible and can thus be easily removed in one piece without tearing.

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