A good hygiene and preventive dentistry helps to maintain a healthy mouth and to avoid problems dental-gum (gingivitis, paradontitis, halitosis) and tooth decay.

In addition to a proper hygiene and food habit, inspection and treatment to be performed at the dentist, are provided to the patient also products for home maintenance of hygiene of the entire oral cavity.

For the control of bacterial plaque, a mouthwash chlorhexidine 0.2%, with analgesic and anti-inflammatory that soothes the discomfort caused by mouth ulcers and oral mucositis widespread

 For an antibacterial activity, an analgesic and anti-inflammatory line with chlorhexidine and myrrh extract that can be used both in home therapy that by dentist (mouthwash, spray and gel).

Against dentinal 'hypersensitivity' some desensitizing professional and home products (solution in single-dose, topical gel and toothpaste).

Italmed-linea igiene e profilassi

Mouthwash, gel, spray


Mouthwash, gel, spray

The product is indicated for diffuse lesions, extended, or positioned in the back of the mouth. It has the same protective properties, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory than gel and mouthwash. Recommended for after oral hygiene.

The product, easy to apply, has mucoadhesive properties that allow the protection of oral mucosal lesions performing an antibacterial (chlorhexidine digluconate), analgesic (myrrh) and inflammatory (b-glycyrrhetinic acid) activity.

The product is useful for single and extended lesions (specific action). It is practical to use outside home. It has the same protective antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties than gel and mouthwash.

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Dentinal desensitizing gel with antibacterial activity


Dentinal desensitizing gel with antibacterial activity

Thanks to its innovative formula, it has the following main desensitizing actions:

1. Mechanical action: The strontium fluoride forms a crystalline layer that occludes the dentinal tubules.

2. Antibacterial: The benzalkonium chloride kills bacteria that cause irritation of the stimuli on the dental pulp. The product, easy to use, thanks to the application of the blunted needle directly to the single dose.

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SENSOCID Topical gel

SENSOCID Topical Gel 30 ml.
SENSOCID Toothpaste 50 ml.

For an intensive treatment in case of acute hypersensitivity, intense.

SENSOCID Topical gel 30 ml. Treatment of dentinal sensitivity when exposed dentine due to erosion or abrasion of the enamel, gingival recession with exposure of CEJ, after whitening treatments, after professional oral hygiene, after periodontal surgery.

SENSOCID Toothpaste 50 ml. Use every time that the onset of pain is caused by sensitivity. It is advisable to use for 15 days, even after the disappearance of pain sensation. As a preventive measure in susceptible individuals, and after advice of the dentist, the treatment can be continued.

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